Videos that I contributed to in a variety of ways. Direction, story boarding, pre video conception, copy writing, hiring of third party video studios and 3D modelers. • Another Off The Wall Production - • Noir Knight Studios -

I did not create these videos! There are listed here so I can say that I helped in making them come together. From pre video mock ups, run throughs, selction of talent, video direction and copy writing were some of the activities I did to contribute the making of these videos.
Worked with company Product Brand Manager to develop a series of videos to help explain functionality of features on a new line of safety eyewear. We created a simple walk through using iPhone videos and wrote the script. Then we selected Another Off The Wall Production to actually shoot, edit, create the bumpers, and do the voice over.
Another Off The Wall Production shooting the above video.

While Patrice McKnight was working in our company as a contract worker doing BIM-Revit files, told me that he knew how to do 3D modeling and video. As a surprise to my boss, he and I created this video as a demo for my boss to put on a iPad to then show visitors at the tradeshow booth. We uploaded the file to dropbox and had my boss load it into the iPad at the show. He was completely surprised and blown away. The video had been a concept that we had talked about prior but wasn't expected to be worked on until after the show. Patrice and I composed the overall direction. I supplied him with some of the graphics & verbiage. Patrice modeled and rendered it all at home. Encon did pay him for his work afterwards. Patrice is Noir Knight Studios -
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